WOD 04.23.19
April 22, 2019
WOD 04.25.19
April 24, 2019

Starting Monday I’m going to: ⁃Wake up earlier ⁃Stop eating processed foods ⁃Eat more veggies ⁃Watch less TV ⁃Go to the gym every day ⁃Move/walk more ⁃Drink less coffee ⁃Drink more water

Have you ever created lists like this? Monday marks the day that EVERYTHING changes and you get your life completely under control? Has it ever worked?

While we all have good intentions, we tend to get very ambitious when it comes to changing our habits. We know we have quite a few that aren’t the best, so we think that with a little motivation and a desire for change we can make it happen. Unfortunately, what usually happens is after a day or two that list starts getting so overwhelming we just give up. We snooze the alarm clock too many times, we can’t resist the office snacks, we forgot to pack our veggies because we woke up too late, we’re so tired at the end of the day we just want to sit and veg in front of the TV… before you know it a week has passed and nothing has changed. Perhaps the issue isn’t what you were trying to do, but rather how fast you were trying to make it all happen. What about picking one thing at a time? I know that all of us think if we only change 1 thing it’s going to take forever to get where you want to be. But consider this: How many times have you tried and failed to fix your bad habits? What if instead of years passing without making any real changes, you took 6 months and got really good at 2 of them? It has been proven that making small changes at a time leads to the best longterm results. You also have the added bonus of the domino affect that some good habits can have. For instance, waking up a little earlier every morning for a week you make come to realize you have more time to prep your food for the day. Now you have started packing your meals. Since you started packing your food, you aren’t as hungry for the tempting snacks… Try this: Next week pick ONE thing you can get really good and only focus on that for 2 weeks. Make a solid plan for how you’re going to do it, don’t just wing it.

Coach Chloe