WOD 02.19.19
February 18, 2019
WOD 02.20.19
February 19, 2019

Is Time Really the Problem

I just. don’t. have. time. I would say this is the #1 complaint I get from people when it comes to fitness & nutrition changes. 
So today I am talking to you about notorious time wasters: Our phones & computers. Don’t get me wrong, obviously I use them myself – I have to: We use them for work, you can find inspiration, tons of information at your disposal, connect with friends, sell an old couch… 

But how much of your time is it eating up? And how much of that time is actually necessary? 
Our handy iPhones have a pretty cool feature that allows you to see. Go to settings>Screen time and it will actually show you how much screen time you spend on your phone as well as on each app. Is it more than you thought? How much of that time could be spent doing more productive things? The other awesome thing you can do is set limits to how much time you allow yourself to spend on certain or all aspects of your phone (for instance if you’re a social media warrior, you can limit your time to 1 hour/day). 

It’s also been linked to depression & overstimulation.

  • Seeing everyones highlight reel all the time can get disheartening. Looking in at perfect bodies and smiling faces as we scroll through every day can take a toll. No ones life is that perfect, it’s just what they choose to highlight. 
  • Being overstimulated constantly can lead to some pretty nasty feelings of being overwhelmed. 
  • Negativity: Listen I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset about things that are going on in the world. You should be furious! But sitting on your phone reading bad/negative news all day does absolutely nothing for the world. If you want to get out and change something, DO IT. But don’t allow peoples reposts/facebook statuses ruin your day. 

We’re not too far in to 2019, keep making the changes you need to to hit you goals this year!