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November 27, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Athlete Spotlight

Jessica has put a tremendous amount of work in to her fitness
& nutrition since she started coming to LocoMotive!

I find her to be a huge inspiration. Check out why here: 

What made you want to try CrossFit? 

I used to go to a functional fitness gym in MA, when I lived there, and I loved it!  I was too nervous to try CrossFit at the time because of hearing about people getting injured, and recently injuring my back myself.  After the gym closed last year, and my friend reminding me of the gains she made doing CrossFit, I knew I couldn’t return to a regular, unmotivating, boring gym and decided to try it out.

How did you hear about CF Locomotive? 

When I moved to NY last in Feb, I looked up the gyms near my work and on my route home.  I tried a couple gyms by my work and did not like them at all.  Even though CF Locomotive was a bit up from the highway, I was so glad I went up and tried it out!  Everyone was so nice and welcoming, friendly and not competitive in a negative sense.  The coaches are knowledgeable, helpful, and funny, and focus on technique, which is really important!  I also enjoy the laid back nature of the other CrossFitters as well.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment? 

Recently, after talking to my friend again and learning from her, I decided I too, could revamp my body composition and try to reach some different fitness goals.  I had reached my pull-up goal and I always wanted to change my body to be more efficient and effective.  I also knew I had reached my current diet’s limits and wanted something different to see if I could get even better results.  After eight weeks of sticking to my macros and working out consistently, I was shocked to find out I could, and did, really change my body!  I lost 14 pounds and went from 21.4% body fat to 13.9% in eight weeks.  A bigger accomplishment was not losing any muscle during the process (I gained 0.5 lbs.)!  My workouts feel better and I have a better ability to focus on fine tuning the nuances of proper technique.  I can’t wait to see what happens when I begin a massing phase in January!

How does CrossFit differ from other routines you’ve tried? 

I used to go to the gym for about four months, and then drop out.  I hated it, LOL.  It’s so boring!  Although I thought I pushed myself hard, I now know I was capable of so much more!  This had been a cycle for years.  After I did an obstacle course race and reiterated my lack of upper body strength, but saw other women do the obstacles like a breeze, I knew I had to find something else that worked.  Starting with the functional fitness gym helped, and now CrossFit is taking it up a notch for me in terms of improving my strength even more!  I thrive off the group classes and not having to know what we’ll be working on, instead of planning it myself and get stuck in a rut.  This way, it always feels fresh, is harder than what you would’ve likely done on your own, and can continually improve your strength over time.  I wouldn’t be even remotely as strong or fit without it and I’m glad I finally made the switch!

What would you say to someone thinking about trying Crossfit/Locomotive? 

If you aren’t motivated at a regular gym, come to CrossFit!  It may seem hard, but you’ll realize you can do them!  Even if you can’t, seeing others similar to you do it successfully is a huge motivator and helps you keep coming to accomplish that goal!  You definitely won’t be bored and you’ll surprise yourself at how much you really are capable of!  Although you’ve heard about people getting injured, there are many more who do not.  Just like any sport you’re learning, you need to be smart, have good technique, and don’t let your technique decrease just because you want to have a new personal record that day.  Just show up, do your best, and have fun, and you’ll definitely stay healthier and get stronger in the long run!