Staying on track during the holidays

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November 20, 2018
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November 22, 2018

Staying on track during the holidays

It’s Holiday Season! Which means…

“Once January comes I’ll get it together. 2019 will be my year!”

We say this every year but has January ever actually brought on the life alternating changes we expect it to? Generally speaking we are back to our old habits within a couple weeks.

My question to you is: Why wait until January?

Of course it’s a hard time of year to stay on track, but could you imagine if you went in to January with a handful of good habits in your pocket rather than having to do a full overhaul? Even if you aren’t PERFECT this holiday season, there are so many things you can do to starting NOW that will make you feel better all winter. 

1: Don’t expect perfection. For instance, have fun on Thanksgiving – enjoy yourself, have a piece of pie. But don’t let Thanksgiving Day turn in to Thanksgiving Week. Hop right back on track on Friday. Just imagine how great you will already feel by Monday! 

This counts for all events around the holidays. There is no reason you can’t be reasonable and enjoy them without punishing yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore what you’re doing the rest of the week. 

2: Move. Most of us move a little less often come winter time in the northeast. It’s a hard time of year to keep moving. Why not hop on a bike, get on a treadmill or some snow shoes and get some extra activity in? Even if it’s just a brief walk, keep your body active. 

3: Treat the gym like it’s your job: Mandatory. No one wants to leave home in the dark to head to the gym. It’s only 5pm but it feels like 9pm. The desire to go right home and get in to your jammies can be SO strong. Don’t let it be an option! I can guarantee you will feel better if you get to the gym. The hardest part is getting there! 

4: Set small goals. Maybe now isn’t a reasonable time to be trying to get a six pack. What about just maintaining your weight? What about making it a goal to meal prep every week? To only have alcohol once a week? Small goals can go a long way. 

5: Find an accountability partner. Having a hard time keeping yourself motivated to workout and skip the candy at work? Team up with a friend to keep yourselves accountable to each other. 

In short, create a game plan this winter. Don’t leave your changes to chance or wait for the new year. Stay consistent, be reasonable, and have some fun!!!