WOD 09/07/18
September 6, 2018
WOD 09/10/18
September 9, 2018

Embrace the struggle

Ben Bergeron recently posted in his Instagram: 

“Wouldn’t it sound strange to hear some complain about the cold while climbing Mt. Everest? What did you expect dude – this is Everest. Well the same can apply to our everyday lives….Did you really think that you were never going to be stuck in traffic, that your kids would always listen to you, that no one would ever say something bad about you, that you would never struggle? What did you expect dude – this is life. This isn’t pessimism, this is about expecting adversity and expecting to overcome it. It’s about accepting, even leaning into, harsh realities, not avoiding them.”

The truth to these words is undeniable.

We get so caught up and frazzled with every day things that are a part of life. Small inconveniences can quickly flip a good mood in to a bad one. This can make finding a solid fitness and nutrition routine near impossible for some people.

If you find yourself always waiting for the perfect circumstances or quitting when the going gets tough – meditate on the paragraph above.

Embrace the struggle, don’t allow negative thoughts to build over things that are just a part of living your life.

Coach Chloe